Terms & Conditions

  • A fourteen-working day notice will be required for any customer cancellation of training.
  • Forfeit of all fees will result in any cancellation in this period.
  • If the candidate has an O1 restriction on their licence law states Glasses must be worn for driving,
  • If the candidate wears contact lens proof maybe required.
  • The candidates are responsible to check their licence details are correct, if any loss may occur from none compliance is the sole responsibility of the candidate.
  • Training times can be subject to change,
  • Specific Instructors & Vehicles can never be guaranteed before or during a course,
  • The candidate is responsible to have their driving licence with them, on the first day of course and on their test day. We will need to print out your DVLA driver’s record for inspection, so an authorization code is needed off the candidate for this to be processed,
  • Any delay caused by lack of driver’s record is the sole responsibility of the candidate.
  • If a period of twelve months expires with no contact from candidate, all monies paid will be forfeited.

Payment Terms

Deposit: Minimum £350.00

Balance: On or before the commencement of first day of practical Driving course

Method: Cash / Debit Card (3% Charge on Card)

  1. Any damage sustained to the training vehicle throughout lessons and whilst on practical test, the candidate maybe financially responsible.
  2. Please take time to read the terms & conditions
  3. If you have any questions before entering to this agreement please do not hesitate to contact me on number at top of page.
  4. By making a deposit or full payment on your account, you agree to be bound and abide by the terms & Conditions above.